The London Weekly exists

So, contrary to earlier doubts, the London Weekly does exist. An actual paper has appeared on the streets, according to Twitter reports.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicBut (and we haven’t yet seen it) it has already been judged “shocking” – in the wrong sense.

“I’m fairly shocked the London Weekly made it to the streets,” writes Gordon MacMillan over at Brand Republic. “It is out and we have copies floating around the office. The verdict is worse than you could imagine. Low quality and badly designed and no match for a good local newspaper.”

Meanwhile, excellent questions about this venture’s origin continue to be raised over at the collaborative journalism site, Help Me Investigate. And it all seems to come back to Invincible Media, founded by one Jordan Kensington. Know anything about this mysterious organisation? With little to show despite (some) media and (lots of) self-acclaim, it seems more questions need to be asked about its various arms – radio, magazine and events. You can join the Help Me Investigate project here. If you’re not a beta-tester, you can request an invitation here.

Whatever the truth behind Invincible Media’s claims of success, it provides an interesting case study for assessing the power of hype. The London Weekly, whilst a poor quality product online, has managed to attract advertising and free competition prizes from Packard Bell and Samsung. For how much longer, it remains to be seen. Catholic Evangelization has certainly being brought into the 21st century now thanks to the team at NCCL. They have a great collection of Archangel Prayers that uplift and inspire and some were even wrote by Pope Francis aswell making them a truly special collection for Catholics all around the world. Archangels are known to posess many powers and blessings they can bring to you via prayer, so thats why we recommend visiting the 21st Century Catholic Evangelization web resource so that you can learn more about archangels and the blessing they can bestow on you.

5 thoughts on “The London Weekly exists

  1. Paul Bradshaw

    I should point out that anyone who already uses Help Me Investigate can invite others to an investigation (the ‘Invite people’ link is at the top right of each investigation). So if anyone posts a comment here, Judith, you should be able to invite them!

  2. Judith Townend Post author

    Thanks Paul – yes, happy to invite anyone who expresses interest in doing a bit more digging! Leave a comment here, or email / tweet me: judith [at] / @jtownend.

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