Wired.co.uk: Are mobile news apps anti the link economy?

Interesting piece from Peter Kirwan on news organisations developing mobile apps that don’t allow users easy access to alternative sources of news:

In the way of all love objects, apps do suggest that something satisfying lies on the horizon for news organisations. Readers may not be prepared to pay for content, but they do seem willing to pay for software and services that improve their lives (…) Promiscuity is limited by the opportunity for discovery. Searching for alternatives to stories that pop up inside your app will cost you time. And for most mobile users, that’s a commodity in short supply. On this basis, it’s a racing certainty that some news publishers perceive apps as a way of putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again, on the mobile web at least.

How long will this model last when confronted with devout RSS feed users and those who favour the sharing of multiple sources and links via social media sites and networks?

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