Daily Intel: New York Times to bring back pay wall?

Update: New York Times confirms it will bring in new charging system from January 2011.

Having already pioneered and seemingly abandoned charging for its website, is the New York Times about to introduce a new pay wall or Financial Times style metering system for its website?

According to the Daily Intel, a new access model will be brought in within a matter of weeks. (Note that in November last year a pay wall decision for the times was also scheduled for “within weeks”, but didn’t emerge.)

Full story at this link…

On paidContent.org, James McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester Research, looks at how paid content on NYTimes.com might work and what the Times should be looking at when building a wall.

But, McQuivey adds:

Notice that this advice is directed to NYTimes.com and nobody else. Because there is no other newspaper that we believe can pull this off at this time, even though a majority of newspaper editors are considering it.

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