David Cushman: The future of media is self-organised

Writes Cushman, former digital development director at Bauer Consumer Media:

The noughties were when we discovered our self-organising power – little by little. And new models started to emerge.

But we are embarking on 10 years in which people all over the globe will realise the self-organising power now at their fingertips – and start turning that realisation into the world they want; niche by niche.

This will happen for digital and traditional forms of media, he argues, from traditional search, which is already starting to change, to any ‘new media’ that relies on central organisation.

For media and news organisations looking to make the most of this future, Cushman suggests:

Ubiquitous, always-on computing will arrive as the enabler. Digital social tools which allow us to express meta dats [sic] beyond silos (including language) will emerge to enable all of us to find all of us when we need each other most. Those tools and platforms which fulfil those roles most successfully will be those with the best chance of commercial success.

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