Online magazine study calls for participants

Rachel Singh, a student at University College London’s digital anthropology department, has launched an online study into the state of the magazine industry. The Shifting Landscape of Magazines encourages those who are working, or who have worked in the magazine industry to browse the site and post comments:

The aim of the study is to discover the ways magazines can (and are) reinventing themselves. The idea is to compile research to serve as material for a potential dissertation on the shifting landscape of magazines in the 21st century and how it’s shaping a new global medium.

Only comments posted before the 16 December will be used in the study. The study will run into 2010 and is currently asking for the participation of anyone who has, or is, working in magazines.

One thought on “Online magazine study calls for participants

  1. Rachel Singh

    Note to Editor/Members: The study has been extended to run into 2010 on the request of interested participants. Based on this feedback, will be keeping the study’s site open for participation until the end of January 2010.

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