PDA: ‘Algorithms will replace journalists’

Heavy-going for a Friday morning, but an interesting read: PDA has an interciew with Frank Schirrmacher, publisher of German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in which he says:

“With the internet, we are experiencing the industrialisation of information and communication. Algorithms are used more and more to produce information that used to be created by journalists, or humans in general. More and more of these algorithms are being used to find out what people are thinking.

(…) The path we face in journalism is one in which there are fewer humans and more machines – and if you look at all the inaccurate news reports already, that is grotesque.”

Investing in ‘the human factor’ – and therefore not succumbing entirely to algorithms – will mark out the successful media companies of the future, argues Schirrmacher.

Full interview at this link…

One thought on “PDA: ‘Algorithms will replace journalists’

  1. Peter

    Well, it can often seem that much reporting these days is mainly cut and pasting of press releases with little checking or critical oversight.

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