Kevin Kelleher: ‘Does Google even understand what news is?’

Read on, only if you can bear any more Google-Murdoch discussion. Writing on, Kevin Kelleher critiques Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s recent Wall Street Journal piece on Google and news. Kelleher argues that personalised news is the opposite of what news should be:

Google’s algorithms are very handy for shopping or entertainment recommendations. But I don’t like it ‘personalising’ news. Serving readers news based on what they’ve read can lead to a kind of tunnel vision where they’re insulated from the dissenting views and unpleasant truths.

Some of GigaOM’s commenters interpreted Schmidt’s piece very differently: “I imagined he was talking about personalising the news the way that Google News already does… not by excluding specific stories that might make you uncomfortable, but by allowing you to focus on the types of stories you find interesting,” writes one. Full post at this link…

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