The Observer’s London 2010 – as imagined in 1989

Will Wiles, writer and senior editor at Icon, a monthly architecture and design magazine, has saved an Observer supplement from 1989, titled London 2010. Twenty years later he has uploaded images of its pages onto Flickr.

2010Obs“I was 11 in December 1989 (…) That New Year, the Observer devoted its colour supplement to speculation about what London might be like in 20 years – in 2010. I was mad for cityscapes, sci-fi and futurology, and I really liked the pictures and some of the ideas in this colour supplement, so I kept it. About seven years ago, when my parents moved house, I found the magazine while clearing out my old room – I refrained from throwing it out, thinking it would be interesting to see how it held up in 2010. And here we are. How did they do?”

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