kate publisher: Are journalists abandoning print media?

“The question begs to be asked – if even journalists and former journos no longer buy newspapers, how much longer will the public continue to buy them when they can access virtually the same content online free of charge?” asks blogger ‘Kate Publisher’ in response to The Australian’s article on Sunday featuring avid Twitterer and media academic Julie Posetti.

Those age and society groups who are not online should not be forgotten in discussions about print’s future, argues the post.

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One thought on “kate publisher: Are journalists abandoning print media?

  1. Greg Watts

    The reason many people (including journalists) are no longer buying newspapers is not just because there is free online content. This is a myth. It’s also because there is a lack of original stories in many papers. So many papers now rely on PR and news agencies to fill their pages. It’s cheaper and easier. Of course, editors won’t admit this is a cause of declining circulation. Instead they will blame the internet.

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