BBC launches Democracy Live with ‘speech-to-text’ search

BBC has launched its new political site, Democracy Live, with technology that allows users to search video by text.

“Democracy Live is the BBC’s new website which offers live and on demand video coverage of the UK’s national political institutions and the European Parliament. Alongside the video, we have guides to how the different institutions work and who sits in them. Our search engine is a BBC ‘first’ – it uses speech-to-text to take you straight to your points of interest in the video.


“Our Search is one of the most innovative aspects of Democracy Live. It works by using a ‘speech-to-text’ system. After a video is made available to watch again, our system adds words spoken in the video to for you to search on. When it finds a word you’ve asked for, it gives you a link straight to point in the video where the word is spoken. You can also search for representatives by name, place and postcode.”

Full guide at this link…

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