Fifteen mag publishers unite to offer subscription deals online

Fifteen magazine publishers have created a special online group for print subscriptions to their titles, according to a release from online subscription agency,

The Cultural Publications Group (CPG) features: BBC Music magazine, Countryfile, Geographic, Granta, Guardian Weekly, History Today, the London Review of Books, Lonely Planet magazine, New Scientist, The Oldie, the Spectator, the Week, Time and the Times Literary Supplement.

“We all share the belief that good writing can still make a difference, with magazines that inform, enlighten, engage and entertain,” the site states.

“Choose a magazine subscription from a Cultural Publications Group member and you are guaranteed a thoughtful and thought-provoking read.”

According to the site, a 54-issue subscription to Time via the CPG site will cost £24.99, a saving on the recommended retail price of 84 per cent.

The costs of marketing for the venture, which will see 1.3 million leaflets distributed in newspapers and magazines in the coming weeks, will be shared by the publishers involved.

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