Labour conference wearies political hack (and it’s only day one) #lab09

The Guardian’s assistant editor and esteemed political pundit Michael White was spotted taking a well-timed, and no doubt well-earned, nap during the opening proceedings of the Labour party conference in Brighton today. Shame he couldn’t have spent the day lazing in the sun in a deckchair with a knotted handkerchief on his head…

Michael White, Guardian assistant editor

Michael White, Guardian assistant editor. © 2009 Mousetrap Media

7 thoughts on “Labour conference wearies political hack (and it’s only day one) #lab09

  1. That's News

    Maybe he was praying for Gordon?

    By the way, any journalist who claims never to have fallen asleep in such circumstances (early start, bright, hot lights) would be a liar!

  2. Mike White

    I went to the back of the Labour conference hall on Sunday with the express purpose of having a little zizz. Nowadays these places are like railway stations and modern offices, it is almost impossible to find somewhere for 10 or 15 winks. And these party conferences are tiring, the politicians can only manage one week, we have to do 3 or 4 ( 5 in the 80s).

    Later I heard this photo had been posted and came to find it. What a nice picture, I look so calm in repose, mouth closed, almost dignified. So I intend to send the link to my children. By turning the image sideways and photoshopping it a little, they will be able to use it as a keepsake of the deathbed scene. I am unlikely to do better on the day.

    So thanks

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