Mapping the future of newspapers

The Independent has tried its hand at an interactive map plotting the challenges currently being faced, and those looming in the future, by the newspaper industry:

(Apologies if some of the argument bubbles are out of the frame – just drag on the arrows to bring them into view)

Good summary of the key issues using DebateGraph – the map draws on arguments from Jeff Jarvis, Roy Greenslade and Gavin O’Reilly amongst others. Some links to some prominent reports/blog posts/comment pieces expressing these arguments would be a great addition.

You can rate the arguments made and add new points after registering. As users rank ideas, the strongest and weakest arguments will be shown by the size of the arrows connecting them.

Full map at this link…

One thought on “ Mapping the future of newspapers

  1. L Zaaijman

    Journalists still have a place in a digital age. We still need our newspapers, albeit online versions, to provide a source of good, edited copy to refer to when microblogging. Print copies are still nice to spread out on the bed at the weekend, it isn’t quite the same using a laptop. Not as tactile.

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