The Media Business: What’s misunderstood in the ‘end of journalism debate’

…is that journalism is an activity, posits Robert G. Picard.

“Many of the voices and opinions, however, misunderstand the nature of journalism. It is not business model; it is not a job; it is not a company; it is not an industry; it is not a form of media; it is not a distribution platform.

“Instead, journalism is an activity. It is a body of practices by which information and knowledge is gathered, processed, and conveyed. The practices are influenced by the form of media and distribution platform, of course, as well as by financial arrangements that support the journalism. But one should not equate the two.”

Journalism the activity has historically adapted to new platforms and means of distribution, says Picard. But while many of today’s media companies may fold, ‘journalism will adapt and continue’ because of its significance for society.

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