MP Nadine Dorries on the ‘wealth and muscle’ of the Barclay Brothers

“Nadine Dorries, the Conservative frontbencher who claimed the Daily Telegraph’s revelations on expenses could drive MPs to suicide, has had her blog shut down by lawyers acting for the newspaper,” reported the Observer’s Gaby Hinsliff on Saturday (follow link for fuller details).

Today, on her own blog, Dorries comments:

“As well as waiting during the night on Friday to see if my career was in tatters, I also had to deal with the minor problem of the Barclay Brother’s [sic] use of global lawyers and the removal of my blog site on behalf of the Telegraph Group.

“At 1am I felt as though I was in a very surreal place. This was just little me, and two of the richest men in the world who own a newspaper empire and can pretty much say what they want, when they want, to who they want, had, using their wealth and muscle, shut me down.”

6 thoughts on “MP Nadine Dorries on the ‘wealth and muscle’ of the Barclay Brothers

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  2. Nathanial

    I see Dorries Blog is up and running again ! and as per usual it is full of photos of guess who ? Nadine Dorries.
    Never has any other female back bencher needed TV and Newpaper interviews such as this MP.
    The phrase “Attention Seeking” comes to mind.
    I have looked at her Blog on and off since 2005 ( an ex Pom from Dorset) and cannot believe some of the articles she has written. This MP writes more about her family and personal life in long drawn out stories and seems to think this is of interest to her constituents.
    David Cameron needs to look back over her Blog page from 2005 to the present day.
    Let us hope she is not re-elected.

  3. Lord De Chanson

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  4. Peter Bailey

    The above poster: Lord De Chanson alias Mr Craig Tuck, alias Mr Roland Lybird is a convicted criminal and well known fraudster. In 1985 he was convicted of four cases of deception. In 1998 he was imprisoned for accounting irregularities. Business history: First bankruptcy 1990. A further bankruptcy in 2004 of Roland Lybird London Ltd. Current business venture: Global Investors Research, with registered business address The Flat, The Bakery, Sark, Channel Islands.

  5. rightthewrong

    Lord de Chanson does not appear in Debrett’s Peerage and Baronetage. But he tells people that this is his real name – it was changed from Craig Tuck by deed poll in 1992. In 1995, Craig Tuck was convicted of four counts of obtaining money by deception at Bradford Crown Court. This venture went bust,
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