BuzzMachine: Carr sounds like an ‘oldies station’

You could just predict the backlash on this one: David Carr’s latest piece in the NYTimes outlining a dream editorial meeting:

“No more free content. The web has become the primary delivery mechanism for quality newsrooms across the country, and consumers will have to participate in financing the newsgathering process if it is to continue. Setting the price point at free – the newspaper analyst Alan D. Mutter called it the ‘original sin’ – has brought the industry millions of eyeballs and a return that doesn’t cover the coffee budget of some newsrooms.”

And here’s Jeff Jarvis’ take on it over at BuzzMachine:

“David Carr sounds like an oldies station as he replays the same old record about charging for content (hey, Carr, would you please walk down the hall and do some reporting in your own damned building – I’ll give you the phone number for the right person – and find out why your own friggin’ paper made its own good economic decisions to stop charging?!?)”

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