A local Twitter tool for local journalists

twitterlocalTwitterlocal allows you to follow posts on Twitter made by people from a geographical location of your choice.

Now a downloadable AIR desktop application, this is a must-have tool for local newspaper or broadcast journalists who want to monitor Twitter chat in their local beat.

For national journalists, it could be a useful tool to monitor chat around a breaking news event in a specific location, anywhere in the world.

Try, for example, entering Melbourne, Australia into the application with a 10-mile radius. You will see Tweets about the bush fires (if you are doing this around the date this post was published!)

4 thoughts on “A local Twitter tool for local journalists

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  4. Ed Walker

    TwitterLocal is a fantastic app, it’s helped me build a community around Preston Blog in less than a month by connecting with local people. Promoted plenty of comments and guest posts as well!

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