Google phone madness – any journos out there got one yet?

So it has arrived to the UK. The Google Phone, the T-Mobile G1.

Mixed reviews, as reported at the Telegraph. How does it compare to iPhone and will it beat it in sales?

For the journalists who reckon it’s worth it, it could prove very handy for blogging and filing away from the office. To be so darn well reliant on dodgy Wifi can be very frustrating at times. But any better than the iPhone?

Here’s a review from Times Online:’The T-Mobile G1 is great. The iPhone is better.’

Meanwhile, the tariffs for the new Blackberry Storm have been released.

Any journalists out there purchased one of these babies, and want to feedback?

One thought on “Google phone madness – any journos out there got one yet?

  1. Aidan Walker

    The iPhone sucks. I just wrote a 1300-word piece about how bad it is. I’ll upload it via my own site when I have a blog, otherwise read it online at after first week in December.

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