Citizen journalism website secures $17m investment

Citizen journalism site has secured $17millon in funding. According to a press release from, the financial backing is from an international group of investors led by Signature Capital LLC.

“Heliums unique platforms put the power of citizen engagement behind media publications, enabling them to engage readers in a way that will help grow audiences and increase reader loyalty, said Bill Turner, principal of Signature Capital, in the release.

“With, we are bringing our financial resources to further accelerate this growth in citizen journalism, and to support Heliums objectives towards providing solutions to newspapers at a time when budgets are shrinking and ad revenues are down.

The site currently has a community of over 150,000 writers covering subjects from politics to pets and sport to science. The website’s terms have recently been changed to promote higher quality content. The changes include allowing ‘starred writers’ to receive payment upfront for new articles.

One thought on “Citizen journalism website secures $17m investment

  1. Barbara Whitlock

    Helium has a sizable community of UK professional and citizen journalists in our writing community. Some focus on supplementing their income through our Freelance Marketplace, where writers can earn $100s to $35 for 400-1200 word assignments. Some writers are pocketing $1,000 a month for their efforts.

    A new Premier Marketplace writers program, open to all writers who have credentials or who contribute quality articles to the site, creates even more opportunities, with kill fees for those not selected. No limit to contributions, and new titles are put up daily.

    You can also contribute to the site directly, with no editorial interference other than help creating SEO rich new titles. Publishing is instant. Bring over all your non-exclusive content for up front payments plus residual daily ad revenue shares for minimally active members.

    Helium is revolutionizing the publishing world by connecting publishers who need content to a vast array of experts and freelance writers. Register for free, add to your earnings, and spread your name further through this cutting edge publishing platform.

    Helium is also a very personal site, and you can get help from a community leader empowered to set you on a fast track to success. Contact me directly for more information: My name is Barbara Whitlock, and I’m the Community Development Manager for Helium.

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