BBC Editors Blog: Younger audiences support Ross and Brand

The editor of Radio 1’s news programme, Newsbeat, says the reaction to prank phonecalls made by radio presenters Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross is more varied across the BBC’s audience than media coverage of the incident suggests.

3 thoughts on “BBC Editors Blog: Younger audiences support Ross and Brand

  1. Comedy Writer

    I’m not sure that it’s purely a generation question. Middle England feel that they have beeb hit quite hard by the current economic meltdown (their shares falling and pensions shrinking – poor loves), and they will hit out at easy targets such as Ross and Bland in these circumstances.

    Some of the UK’s population seem to have lost their sense of proportion, along with their sense of humour. OK, it’s not the funniest thing either of them have done, but I find Bruce Forsyth’s pathetic attempt at humour and entertainment far more insulting.

  2. Wend

    They did wrong, they apologised endlessly, Brand has resigned, the Editor has resigned, they are embarrassed to the hilt, who are we the Taliban? anyone’ll think they murdered somebody, the Mail started this Witch- hunt to take the heat off of the Tory George Osbourne, the gutter press needs to be taken to account for the lives they set out to ruin, these people are no more than bullies themselves, only in some ways worse, because they are selling to the public, I wouldn’t be surprised if Russ doesn’t decide to move to the U.S. for good, and if things don’t pick up for John Ross he will probably go too, Britain doesn’t except ‘sorry’ so no good teaching our kids to say sorry anymore, no doubt the woman in question will be on the so called “Celebrity big brother” next year.

  3. Justin

    I agree with Wend. This has been blown out of all proportion. The Mail should have been banned half a century ago for it’s sickening support of Hitler. They are in no position to judge anybody on anything.

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