Archant’s director of business development, Ian Davies dies in plane crash

We just heard news that Ian Davies, director of business development at Archant, has died in a plane crash – as reported at the BBC, Press Gazette and in his group’s newspaper, the Norwich Evening News. is extremely sad to hear of this tragic accident.

On a personal note, I met Ian and some his colleagues for the first time, at the WAN conference in Amsterdam last fortnight.

Despite cornering him after a long conference session to badger him for information about Archant’s hyperlocal news plans, he was only too friendly towards me, happy to help and give suggestions for stories.

I later had opportunity to chat with him more informally and find a bit more out about his views on the media and what he does. He assured me he would always be willing to contribute to related articles.

True to his word, last week he was quick to contribute to an article I was working on at the last minute. I’m very saddened by the premature end to his life.

In an email he told me he was looking forward to working more flexibly at Archant from January, so that he could fit in more time for his passion, flying. His website shows some of his interests. That his life was cut so short, when he had so much enthusiasm for his projects, seems a particularly cruel hand of fate.

Our condolences go out to Ian’s family, friends and colleagues.

2 thoughts on “Archant’s director of business development, Ian Davies dies in plane crash

  1. Francesca

    i love you my loving daddy, you will forever be in my heart, there will not be one day that passes that you wont be in my mind, rest in peace… i love you x

  2. Carl

    Goodbye Ian,
    Thank you so much for everything you have ever helped me with and thank you especially for accepting me into your house as if I were one of your own.

    I can only return the favor by promising you that I will help look after your family through this tragic and heart-breaking time as much as I possibly can.

    It is not hard to see how much of an amazing person you were and still are to many people, the sheer number of friends, family and colleagues who are missing you is enough to show anyone.

    I will never forget you.

    Thank you Ian

    Carl / “beav”

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