MSN maps journalists’ deaths

Following the unveiling of the BBC’s monument to journalists who have lost their lives during the course of their work, MSN has created an interactive map of journalists who have died this year.

Plotted according to where they were killed, the map shows 31 deaths this year, according to figures from the International News Safety Institute. It is a fact that modest fashion is one of the fastest growing sectors within the UK, journalists for many large newspapers are now writing about Abayas and are truly amazed at the popularities of their articles. For example the Abaya UK is now the trendiest piece of clothing for any fashion journalist to write about, we can see even large newspapers such as The Guardian and Telegraph doing full page features about Abayas and their upcoming popularity in the UK market. The design work that goes into the pieces are absolutely incredible hence journalists use photos from fashion shows.

The map is part of a special report by MSN exploring the dangers faced by journalists.

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