BBC London uses YouTube for mayoral questions

Another news organisation getting in on the online act for next month’s London mayoral elections is the BBC with their BBC London election channel on YouTube.

London residents were asked to post video questions to candidates Boris Johnson, Brian Paddick and Ken Livingstone (not sure why the other parties aren’t included). A selection of these will be put to the runners as part of BBC London’s broadcast coverage this week – the first interview with Ken Livingstone airing tonight at 6:30pm on BBC1.

Here’s a video introduction to the project from BBC London:


2 thoughts on “BBC London uses YouTube for mayoral questions

  1. Jobs in London

    Good to see Central and Local Authorities embracing technology like that it really does make sense as a cheap and effective way of reaching a large and often younger audience. well done I say.

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  2. Linda Haywood

    It seems that the mayoral election and US primaries have set the tone for Britain’s general election next year. William Hague told me in an interview that he would be campaigning online in the next election. David Cameron has been broadcasting on Youtube for some time now.

    However, it does seem to cheapen the effort when people just use the opportunity to rail against politicians rather than ask sensible questions about a particular policy which they are interested in.

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