How to get hired – not

Slightly off topic, but will bring a smile on a Friday… (thanks to Meranda for the tip).

The blog is a collection of the very best of the worst job applications, cover letters and CVs – each one a golden example of what not to do the next time you apply for a job.

Some are forgiveable mistakes, but others are just plain wrong – check out this interesting description of work duties.

Ever wondered why you didn’t get a call back? This site should make you feel a whole lot better.

One thought on “How to get hired – not

  1. Adrian

    Thought you might enjoy this site and especially want to avoid any of these situations if you want to be hired!

    ( It’s from candidate job matchmakers –

    At the site, you superimpose your face on a variety of funny images to then e-mail them to your friends (or boss). You can also peruse some humorous work stress tips.


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