Somalian press gets web presence

A website dedicated to coverage of Somali print and online media has launched.

Somali Press Review claims to be the first website to highlight the work of the Somali press, both online and print media.

The London-based website features reviews of Somali news, opinions from selected Somali websites, a summary of some Somali language commentators and feeds from agencies and global new publications featuring Somalia.

9 thoughts on “Somalian press gets web presence

  1. john

    A number of articles coming out of somalia seem to be based on misinformation. I truly hope will not become a platform for minority groups to pedal their own political agenda.

  2. Phill Davis

    sounds good…anybody got any news on the oil drilling that is about/is happening in Puntland by Africa Oil Corp?

  3. Asha Mohamoud

    There is no such thing as ‘Somalian’ The adjective of things Somali is simply ‘Somali’.

    I also agree with John. The Somali media is often dominated by groups and individuals who are so overwhelmed by the potential and possibilities of these wonderful ‘tools’that they forget to heed the basic rules of this profession: integrity, evidence, objectivity etc…they just smother all reasoned arguement with a load of unfettered bull just because they can.
    Even foreign reporters & news agencies fall in line, mostly for reasons of security &/or sources of iformation, any information, from such a hell-whole, but occasionally for financial gain too. Some of these warring forces are really loaded in more than one way.

    Not many self respecting writers/jounalists would engage with such trash. Consequently, unchallenged lies ultimately become’truth’ if/when repeated often enough.

  4. Alex Grant

    Somali Press Review is a timely addition to the plethora of sites dediacted to Somali news: it’s unique because of its content. Kudos for people who set up this site

  5. Ina Aw Hassan

    I also agree with John and Asha that a web of misinformation and sometimes pure fabrication is channeled through AFP, REUTERS, UPI, etc. The feeders of these stories are untrained pro insurgency Freelancers somewhere in Somalia who feed these stories to western Correspondents of these new agencies who are enjoying the comfort of a 4 or 5 star hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

    These correspondents should verify these stories with Government spokesperson whom they can communicate by telephone when necessary. Otherwise, they bring disripute to their organizations.

  6. Sheikha

    I think the Somali press review is just another biased clannish site. Let us not fool each other and hide behind the “Somali” misnomer.

  7. Farhan

    Farhan: What evidence do you have that Somali Press Review is a biased site? You think ‘Somali’ is misnomer. It is not.

  8. Yusuf Haid

    Farhan of Somali Press Review wants us to believe that they are different from the other Somali media outlets. According to SPR mission it aims at ” (publishing) snippets from Somali online and print media, select best articles from Somali websites, and review what world papers write about Somalia.” I want to know SPR criteria for selecting “the best”.

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