Milwaukee Sentinel Journal shows off its video production

US paper the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal has produced a video for the Associated Press Photo Managers Association of exploring the Journal’s use of video online.

The footage shows the results of three professional editing suites recently installed at the Journal and the training in editing techniques received by reporters, photographers and online production staff.

From the video explanation it is clear that the Journal sees the medium as just another vehicle for storytelling – one that can, in certain news situations, be more appropriate than just text, slideshows and images.

Using footage to cover local arts news gives clarity to concepts that might be complicated by text coverage. Similarly ideas such as their technology review show are a simple way to engage on a personal level with your readers.

A surge in video on the site does not mean the paper is abandoning other reporting techniques – something that will soothe new media journalist Pat Thornton, whose latest blog post urges newspaper sites to only use video when the quality is there.

“You could have a totally modern news site without video, and video will not suddenly transform your site into something modern. Be smart with your resources, because the industry doesn’t have a lot of room for error,” warns Thornton in the post.

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