NYTimes blog to be published in print

A local news blog launched by NYTimes.com in June could be given its own space in the Times’ print edition.

While stories from the City Room blog are often aggregated by the paper’s Metro section, the blog’s editor Patrick LaForge said content from the blog may be published in its own right in a bid to drive readers from print to online.

“There are a lot of people who read the print section who just aren’t aware of how much is available on the Web,” LaForge told the New York Observer in an article.

“A lot of that stuff doesn’t get in the paper. So how can we tell readers, ‘Hey, you might want to go check some of this out’?”

While NYTimes.com’s political blog The Caucus and technology blog Bits already feature as columns in the paper’s print offering, LaForge stressed that plans to put the City Room in print were ‘preliminary’ at this stage.

One thought on “NYTimes blog to be published in print

  1. Abbott Katz

    Is the irony apparent to the Times? Resort to hard copy to print blog content in the hopes readers will turn back to the blog on the web.

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