Media lecturer bans use of Google and Wikipedia by students

A story from close to home. Brighton’s beloved Argus (hot with media stories in the last month, what with the homeless newsreader and all) reports that Professor Tara Brabazon, from the University of Brighton, has banned her students from turning to elements of the web for their research.

Professor Brabazon’s ire has been caused by what she dubs ‘ the University of Google’, students repeating the first thing they find on the internet without the necessary candor to double check facts and the validity of statements.

She said too many students took the quick fix of turning to the internet for easily obtainable information, adding that poor use of technology by students was encouraging shallow ideas and hampering the development important values of research and analysis.

“The education world has pursued new technology with an almost evangelical zeal and it is time to take a step back and give proper consideration of how we use it,” she told the the paper.

One thought on “Media lecturer bans use of Google and Wikipedia by students

  1. JohnofScribbleSheet

    Sounds slightly ridiculous but I can understand how a professor would get annoyed at such misuse. I left university when Wikipedia was just taking off so never really relied on it.

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