Guardian America

The long awaited US-focused website from the Guardian has arrived – time to dig a little deeper into what Guardian America has to offer the reader (American or not).

  • Search: using the search facility on Guardian America is the same as using it on Guardian Unlimited. Results for a search on “Hilary Clinton” do not show any results for the America site despite an interview with the Clinton being its main interview of the day.

This is good and bad – after all the site is intended to link in with Guardian Unlimited, but this could be frustrating for US users using the search as a means of navigating around the US site.

  • Blogs: Comment Is Free and some of the site’s blogs have been up and running for US users for a while – a clever tactic as it has ensured active readers and commenters on the new site. Deadline USA seems to be the flagship blog for the new offering with a healthy dose of US political news.
  • Homepage: American content at the top of each section – Guardian Unlimited content tacked on at the bottom. Yes, this may be a little unfair – it’s the first day so this format is likely to change – but having British sports stories slap bang in the middle of what is meant to be a US version seems inconsistent and is surely off-putting for a reader.

It will be interesting to see how the site develops, particularly to see how much this it fulfils its remit as a dedicated US platform as opposed to just another section of the main website.

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