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Tool of the week for journalists: Transcribe, a Chrome web app that saves time

Tool of the week: Transcribe

What is it? Transcribe is a simple Chrome web app that allows you to upload audio and transcribe it without switching between an audio player and a text editing document

How is it of use to journalists? Transcribe is a favourite here at We may have shorthand but usually opt to record Skype and phone interviews in order to concentrate on the conversation and refer back later.

If you have ever tried to transcribe quotes or sections from an audio interview and toggled between a text-editing document and the audio player, you will love this tool as it will save you time.

This free Chrome web app allows you to upload an mp3 or wav file and transcribe within the box below the player. It has some handy shortcuts, the most useful of which is the ‘esc’ key that pauses the audio and re-starts it from a second before the point at which you stopped it.

There are also shortcuts to rewind and speed up the recording, but Mac users with function keys (F1, F2 etc) set to perform other tasks will find this less useful.

Another benefit of this tool is the ability to use it off line, when working from a train, for example.

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#Tip of the day from – use Transcribe for typing quotes from audio

If you record interviews and listen back to take quotes, there is a handy web app you should know about.

Transcribe is a free web app available in the Chrome web store that allows you to upload an mp3 or wav file and then type your text below.

It has two main benefits over listening back to an interview via another player. Firstly, it saves you toggling between an audio player or iTunes and your text document or CMS. It also has a nifty pause button that automatically plays from a second or two before the point at which you stopped the recording. It may not sound like a particularly ingenious tool but this is a really helpful feature.

The app also works offline, it automatically saves your text and it has short cuts to rewind, fast forward and pause.

Click this link for 10 free Chrome web apps that journalists should know about.

Tipster: Sarah Marshall

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