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#Tip of the day for journalists: Five ideas for using ThingLink

The 10,000 Words blog has a post with ‘five ideas for ThinkLinked’ journalism‘.

ThingLink is a free tool that allows you to add rich media, such as YouTube videos, SoundCloud recordings and Wikipedia entries to photographs.

It is a previous ‘app of the week for journalists‘ and is used by NME, in this case to annotate a poster with music and videos from the bands listed.

The 10,000 Words post includes this tagged image by Berliner Morgenpost. It shows those present in the ‘situation room’ during the raid which resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden and links to Wikipedia entries explaining who the individuals in the room are.

The 10,000 Words post also suggests that journalists should use ThinkLink for:

1. Timelines

2. Maps

3. Who’s who

4. Infographics

5. Documents

Jonas Forth, creative director of ThinkLink will be speaking at our digital journalism conference news:rewired on 6 December. The agenda and ticket details are at this link.

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Tool of the week for journalists: Thinglink, for interactive images

Tool of the week: Thinglink

What is it? A tool to allow you to add rich media, such as YouTube videos, SoundCloud recordings and Wikipedia entries to photographs.

How is it of use to journalists? Take a look this poster on and you will see a fantastic example of how a photo can be annotated with rich media.

Thinglink currently allows you to link to: video (YouTube, Vimeo, Ted); music and audio (Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes); photos (Flickr, Instagram, Imgur); live music artists (Thrillcall); social media (Facebook pages, Twitter); plus Wikipedia, any event on the Eventbrite, products on Etsy, and almost anything sold on Amazon. You can also embed images.

(The below image is a screengrab and not interactive. Follow the link to see how the photo displays video, audio and more.)

Here is a quick test I did using a Telegraph logo, adding a tweet, a link to the newspaper’s Facebook page and the Wikipedia entry for the title.

The base service is free, however upgrading to a Plus or Pro plan gives you improved statistics, more uploaded images, and the ability to turn your Thinglinked images into Facebook tabs.

This tool was recommended by Luke Lewis, editor of To recommend a journalism tool email me using this link.

16:52 Friday 27 April 2012: Updated to correct our assertion that a paid upgrade is required to embed pictures.

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