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App of the week for journalists: Njuice, for surfacing trending news stories

App of the week: Njuice

Phones: iPhone, iPad, web (and soon-to-be on Android)

Cost: Free

What is it? Njuice is an app and website that allows you to see what stories are trending on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks

How is it of use to journalists? Njuice is a social reader for surfacing trending stories in real-time. The app displays the story and an orange triangle tells you how many times the story has been shared.


Where Njuice differs from social readers such as Flipboard, Zite and Pulse is that Njuice focusses on what is trending.

And where the beauty of other social newsreaders is personalisation, journalists can select Njuice to see what stories are trending globally, stories which they may not learn about in apps delivering personalised content.

There are some personalisation options in Njuice, with options to follow categories such as “technology” and “world news”, but one of the strengths of the app is to see what is trending overall.

(Incidentally the most shared story, with more than 27,000 shares, was TMZ’s post of Prince Harry’s Vegas photos, so we didn’t include the “top news” screengrab).

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