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#Tip: Remember these digital newsroom tools for 2014

January 20th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted by in Journalism, Top tips for journalists
Image by JM. Some rights reserved.

Image by JM. Some rights reserved.

Apparently inspired by our recent article on key digital skills for journalists in 2014, the Newswhip team put together a list of tools that can help “put those skills into action”.

Verification, newsgathering, data visualisation and productivity all feature among the free tools and are well worth getting to grips with.

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#Tip: Useful tools for digital newsrooms in 2014

January 13th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted by in Data, Multimedia, Top tips for journalists
Image by JM. Some rights reserved.

Image by JM. Some rights reserved.

NewsWhip has put together a list of tools to help digital journalists brush up on their skills and stay ahead of the game this year.

The list of 10 tools every digital newsroom should be using in 2014 includes lots of useful tips for gathering, curating and visualising content.

Items on the list include the Storyful multisearch Chrome plug-in, which allows you to search multiple social networks from your browser bar, and Datawrapper, a quick and simple tool for visualising data.

Other tools include Google image search for verification and of course NewsWhip’s own social news monitoring platform, Spike.

We’ve also put together our own list of essential skills for journalists to hone in 2014. Online journalists can learn more about new digital skills and developments at our news:rewired  conference on Thursday 20 February, 2014.

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#Tip: See how news spread on social media in August

Newswhip, which offers tools for monitoring how news spreads on Twitter and Facebook, has carried out a study.

The research (carried out using pro tool Newswhip Spike) analysed how news spread on social media in August.

The study demonstrates the dominance of Facebook.

In the battle for social media footprint, Facebook is the clear winner. Counting for 89 per cent of total interactions, it eclipses Twitter for practically every share count.

The most-shared story of the month, a Huffington Post article on the characteristics of introverts, picked up 166,632 shares and over double that number in likes.

The study also looked at tweets:

The most-tweeted equivalent was the Guardian’s story on David Miranda’s detention at Heathrow Airport, with a final tally of 15,240.

There are many more fascinating facts in this blog post.

Newswhip has provided with the infographic.


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#Podcast – Tips and tools for sorting the social media chaos

September 14th, 2012 | 2 Comments | Posted by in Podcast, Social media and blogging

Image by Pedro Lozano on Flickr. Creative commons licence. Some rights reserved

This podcast looks at tips and tools for finding sources and stories via social media. It includes practical advice on finding the signal in the noise. technology editor Sarah Marshall speaks to:

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You can hear future podcasts by signing up to the iTunes podcast feed.

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