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#Tip: Remember these early iOS 7 pointers for journalists

Image by renatomitra on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Image by renatomitra on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Reactions have been mixed to the unveiling of Apple’s new iOS 7, available in autumn. New features that are better suited to users habits have been welcomed while the move away from skeuomorphism – using real-world textures like wood or leather – to a flatter, more cartoon-like appearance has been greeted with uncertainty.

Cosmetic aspects aside, mobile reporting expert Neal Augenstein and the Nieman Lab’s Joshua Benton have been musing on what the changes and updates could mean for journalists and news outlets. If you’re an Apple user it is well worth having a read of Augenstein’s first thoughts and Benton’s early conclusions.

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#Tip of the day for journalists: Consider getting interviewees to press record

December 18th, 2012 | 3 Comments | Posted by in Mobile, Top tips for journalists

Image by John.Karakatsanis on Flickr. Some rights reserved

If you have ever tried to find a way of recording a phonecall from your iPhone, you will know that there is no easy solution.

One way is to record the call to voicemail, an option that only allows for short recordings and does not enable you to ask for permission before hitting record. Another possibility is iPadio (for a guide see this link), but this makes the raw interview publicly accessible, gives a phoneline-quality recording, and again does not allow you to ask for permission before recording. The last time I tested there were no apps that solved the problem satisfactorily (do leave a comment below if you know of a solution or email me).

Update: See the comment from Mark from iPadio below

Here is a simple solution for getting a quality recording as tried and tested by US radio journalist Neal Augenstein, who we have reported on previously as he ditched other recording kit in favour of his iPad and iPhone.

In this post Augenstein explains that he now gets interviewees to record themselves on their own phone (while speaking to him from a second mobile phone or landline) and then asks them to email over the audio.

Interviewees could also record using QuickTime (file / ‘new audio recording’) on a Mac or Microsoft’s Sound Recorder.

Read Augenstein’s post to find out how interviewees can record on their phone and email you the file.

If you have a tip you would like to submit to us at email us using this link.

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#Podcast – How iPhones to ‘green screen Nokias’ are being used for mobile journalism

November 23rd, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted by in Podcast

Image by John.Karakatsanis on Flickr. Some rights reserved technology editor Sarah Marshall finds out how phones are being used for mobile journalism.

She speaks to:

You can hear future podcasts by signing up to the iTunes podcast feed.



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App of the week for journalists: FiLMiC Pro, for manual control when filming on iPhone

August 2nd, 2012 | No Comments | Posted by in App of the Week

App of the week: FiLMiC Pro

Devices: iPhone

Cost: £2.49

What is it? An iPhone app for recording video that offers manual control over sound, white balance, focus and exposure.

How is it of use to journalists? FiLMiC Pro is a video recording iPhone app that gives you manual control over image resolution and frame rate, offers an audio meter to monitor sound visually, allows GPS tagging and has a white balance function.

It beats the iPhone standard camera app when filming in areas where light is low as you can adjust the resolution and frame rate.

Adjusting the settings also allows you to save to the “FiLMiC library” which can then by synced with iTunes. This saves filling disc space in the phone’s “camera roll”.

Another setting worth adjusting is the audio. Selecting the “uncompressed” option rather than “compressed” will increase the file size of the video but will improve sound quality.

  • Have you got a favourite app that you use as a journalist? Fill in this form to nominate an app for’s app of the week for journalists.
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#Tip of the day from – advice on mobile reporting

Sky News correspondent Nick Martin has some advice for journalists using a mobile phone to record video.

He shared his tips at last week’s news:rewired journalism conference.

According to this post on three pieces of advice for journalists reporting using a mobile phone, Martin advises:

1. Practise

2. Don’t panic!

3. Use mobile reporting only when it was appropriate, explaining “that it is not worth setting up a tripod and XLR cables for an iPhone when the cameraman is just five minutes away”.

If you have a tip you would like to submit to us at email us using this link– we will pay a fiver for the best ones published.

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#jpod in depth: The past, present and future of mobile reporting

December 16th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted by in Mobile, Podcast

The past year has been a big year for mobile reporting, bringing readers to the heart of stories both at home, such as the London riots, as well as abroad, such as the Arab Spring.

The year is also ending with handing down of new guidance of the use of text-based devices, including mobiles, when reporting from court, which has given greater powers to journalists when wishing to report live and tweet on proceedings.

In this week’s #jpod, news editor Rachel McAthy speaks to journalists about the key events in recent years which have demonstrated some of the best of mobile reporting and what the future holds in this area. Interviewees include special projects editor for the Guardian Paul Lewis, special correspondent for the Times Alexi Mostrous, music editor at the Guardian Caspar Llewellyn Smith and reporter for Washington DC’s news station WTOP Neal Augenstein.

We also find out more about the technology available from SoundCloud’s audio content manager Ben Fawkes.’s next news:rewired event will feature a session on mobile reporting.

You can hear all our podcasts by signing up to the iTunes podcast feed.

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