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#Tip: Learn how to turn TV archive footage into interactive videos

January 23rd, 2014 | No Comments | Posted by in Top tips for journalists

Brian Williamson of the Office of Digital and Design Innovation (ODDI) recently posted a video explainer on how to access archive footage from ’500,000 broadcasts’, largely from US-based outlets, and extract key segments.

From there, Williamson takes different clips and makes ‘Jon Stewart moments”, highlighting politicians’ chameleonic views on certain subjects.

With the TV News Archive, ODDI’s free KettleCorn video software and a little sardonic humour, Williamson shows how easy it can be to make quick video segments from archive footage to tell new stories.

KettleCorn also gives the option to add layers of interactivity – including embedded maps, links, wikipedia pages.

Williamson will be running’s intensive 3-hour workshop on KettleCorn’s additional features and the tenets of web-native video on 21 February.

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