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#Tip of the day from – how to create animated GIFs and when to use them

The 10,000 Words blog has addressed use of animated GIFs in Olympics reporting. In the post Kevin Loker states the debate has been rumbling for some time.

The success of GIF-infused content in actual news content has some media circles buzzing around a long time internet graphic capability: “Is this an overlooked tool, or just a fad?”, “Are we Buzzfeedifying maintsream news orgs, or is that a silly question now?”, and “should journalists embrace them, or are they somehow detrimental to the craft?”

Loker concludes that he can “comfortably say there are indeed reasons the animated GIF can work well to tell a story online”.

He proposes five questions to ask yourself when considering using a GIF. They are at this link.

There is also a ‘how to GIF‘ post on Poynter.

Tipster: Sarah Marshall

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