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Tool of the week for journalists: Conweets, for tracking Twitter conversations

Tool of the week: Conweets

What is it? A tool to track Twitter conversations between two people.

How is it of use to journalists? If you have ever had to look for a public Twitter spat or conversation between two users you may have used Bettween or the conversation tracking function in Tweetbot (which can turn a conversation into a Storify from within the app).

Bettween has now closed its doors but a new platform called Conweets launched earlier this month that allows you to track conversations between two users. You can get conversations going back several months.

Another handy function is that if you enter just one Twitter handle, you will see a list all the conversations that user has had and be able to track a conversation from that list.

This could be a really useful tool when reaching out to new sources. For example, find a key person contributing interesting tweets to an unfolding news story and see who they are speaking to and how frequently.

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