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#Podcast: How news outlets are bringing content ‘to life’ with augmented reality

December 7th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted by in Multimedia, Newspapers, Podcast

Image by Francis Storr on Flickr, showing Wikitude augmented reality browser. Some rights reserved.

A number of news outlets have this year launched projects centred on using augmented reality technology to bring content to life, from adding interactivity to magazine or newspaper editorial and advertising, to highlighting hyperlocal blog content to mobile users.

The podcast looks at a number of AR projects from a hyperlocal level through to national media in the UK and US. We speak to:

  • Mark Challinor, director of mobile platforms, Telegraph Media Group
  • Emily Smith, senior vice president of digital, LA Times
  • Sarah Hartley, managing director, Talk About Local
  • Hugh Mark, head of ad innovation, The Times

You can hear future podcasts by signing up to the iTunes podcast feed.

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Fascinating and inspiring piece on how journalists can use augmented reality -  the application of virtual, computer-generated images or information to a real-world environment – as AR apps become more widely available. From creating living magazines, to its potential for live event coverage and sports reporting.

[O]ne can say that augmented reality will enrich journalism. It can provide new opportunities for distributing stories; it makes news tangible for readers in a very new and exciting way; and last but not least advertising people love it, too.

Hopefully its potential will be picked up by news organisations before other players get there first.

Full post at this link…


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