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#Tip: How to do a multitrack edit on your iPhone

voddio mobile reporting


If you are a broadcast journalist or create podcasts, you are no doubt familiar with multitrack editing on a desktop computer. But do you do complicated audio edits on your phone?

One app which allows you to do this is Voddio, made by Vericorder, which we have written about several times at

Voddio and it is used by BBC 5 Live reporter Nick Garnett (who has become known as “the iPhone guy”, he tells me).

Neal Augustein, a US radio reporter, has created a video guide to using Voddio.

The four-minute video guide is at this link.

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Similar posts: is ‘pick of the week’ on Google Currents

April 10th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted by in About us, Mobile

The team behind Google Currents has selected as ‘pick of the week’. And you can now listen to our podcasts from within the Currents app.

Our weekly podcasts have been available via the Currents app since last month, when Google officially launched the new audio feature.


If you are not familiar with Currents it is a social magazine app, similar Flipboard and Zite, that lets you read your favourite news sites on your tablet or smartphone.

The app is available for Android, iPad and iPhone. If you do not already follow on Currents, you will see a recommendation to subscribe to us when you open the app. That will show while we are ‘pick of the week’. You can also find a link to on Currents here.


To find out how to get your news outlet’s content on Google Currents see this link or sign up for next week’s news:rewired journalism conference. Madhav Chinnappa from Google will be talking about Currents in the Google tools masterclass.

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#Tip: Use the Banjo app as a journalism search tool

We’ve recommended the Banjo app (for Android and iOS) in the past.

The free location-based app encourages you to connect your social networks, and you then can see which of your connections are nearby. You can also search cities to see what your social media contacts, their connections and other Banjo users are tweeting and sharing in those locations.


Banjo was a app of the week just over a year ago, and before that journalism site 10,000 Words has described how a reporter used it to locate people at a shopping mall where there had been a reported bomb scare.

Banjo also has a handy filter function that allows you to search your social media posts sent near you for a keyword. The top right image filters for the term “journalist” in posts sent close to Hackney, London. The search shows the word was used in two recent social media posts and is in 48 profiles.

Yesterday The Next Web reported that there are now 4 million Banjo users, and highlighted algorithm updates.

Today’s tip is to try Banjo if you do not yet use it. It could come in useful when trying to find someone at a particular location when you are working on a news story.

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#Tip of the day for journalists: Use the Twitter phone app for alerts


You may opt to use one of the third-party Twitter apps on your phone (such as Tweetbot or Neatly), but it is worth adding Twitter’s own app so you can use your phone as a second screen to keep an eye on any Twitter accounts you manage.

If you manage several Twitter accounts, adding all accounts to the app on your phone provides a really handy way of keeping an eye on activity. If you use a computer set up with a single screen, having the alerts display on your phone can be useful while working, plus it allows you to keep track at evenings and weekends.


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App of the week for journalists: Splice, an easy video editor

App of the week: Splice

Phones: iPhone

Cost: Free (£2.49 to go ad-free)

What is it? Splice is an easy-to-use video editor for iPhone. The best thing is that you won’t need to read a guide to the app before using it.

You can batch add video clips or photos already on your phone, trim the clips and select transitions and add titles.

It is fairly intuitive but if you get stuck there’s a short video that will get you started.

You can export to the iPhone’s camera roll and from there you can send by email, upload to YouTube or connect your phone by USB and add the edited video to your computer.

How is it of use to journalists?

Have you got a favourite app that you use as a journalist? Fill in this form to nominate an app for’s app of the week for journalists.

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App of the week for journalists: SoundNote, an iPad app for interviews

October 31st, 2012 | No Comments | Posted by in App of the Week

App of the week: SoundNote

Devices: iPad

Cost: £2.99

What is it? An iPad app built by a student journalist, for students and journalists. SoundNote lets you record an interview while taking notes, with the written text acting as a marker. When you payback the audio and tap a word, the recording jumps to that point in the audio. You can also draw sketches which are linked to the audio.

How is it of use to journalists?

This app has an interesting story behind it. It was created by a journalism student from Seattle who paid off his student loan with income from the app.

It was made with both journalists and students in mind and is a great way of taking notes and finding the correct point in the audio.

For example, if I interview someone who gives me certain stats, I could note the figures at the time. I could later check them or take a quote from the audio by simply tapping on the figure and jumping to that point in the recording.

The app can also be used to sketch or write freehand and the drawing can then be used to skip to the relevant part of the audio.

The SoundNote files can be shared by email or over a wifi network.

Recommended by: @andrewhennigan

Have you got a favourite app that you use as a journalist? Fill in this form to nominate an app for’s app of the week for journalists.

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#Podcast – Apple Newsstand success stories: Future, Dennis and Conde Nast

September 28th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted by in Magazines, Mobile, Podcast

This week Future Publishing, publisher of Total Film and Future Music, reported that it has made £5 million from sales of digital magazines via Newsstand, Apple’s app retail portal which launched last October.

Future was also named Digital Publisher of the Year for consumer media at Wednesday’s PPA digital awards, where Dennis Publishing’s The Week was named Digital Edition of the Year.

And also this week Conde Nast announced that it has sold half a million apps of Wired Magazine, Vanity Fair and GQ combined since the launch of Newsstand.

In this podcast Sarah Marshall,’s technology editor speaks to:

  • Mike Goldsmith, editor-in-chief, digital editions, Future Publishing
  • Alex Watson, head of app development, Dennis Publishing
  • Albert Read, deputy managing director, Conde Nast

They share success stories, including insight into the type of apps that Apple selects for the ‘featured story’ carousel, which can dramatically increase sales.

The podcast updates one from last November, a month after the launch of Apple’s Newsstand. Hear: How Apple’s Newsstand is revolutionising the publishing industry.

You can hear future podcasts by signing up to the iTunes podcast feed.


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SoundCloud adds trim and edit features to its apps

September 21st, 2012 | No Comments | Posted by in Handy tools and technology

SoundCloud has updated its iPhone, iPad and Android apps adding some really useful features for journalists.

Users can now trim and edit a recording, deleting any mistakes before uploading the audio. The app also now allows pause and resume during recording and has a fade in and fade out option.


Third-party recording apps are also available that work with SoundCloud.

In a release, the audio recording and sharing platform said it now has 20 million registered users.

Released reading:

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App of the week for journalists: Facebook Pages Manager

App of the week: Pages Manager

Phones: iPhone. Android users can use Mobile Page Manager.

Cost: Free

What is it? An app for managing your Facebook page

How is it of use to journalists? This app is one for any journalist who manages their news site’s Facebook page.

Pages Manager allows you to view notifications, messages, new ‘likes’ and insights (Facebook analytics). You can also share photos and add status updates.


Have you got a favourite app that you use as a journalist? Fill in this form to nominate an app for’s app of the week for journalists.

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App of the week for journalists: Prismatic, for filtering social news

App of the week: Prismatic

Phones: iPhone

Cost: free

What is it? A social newsreader app that lets you see and respond to tweets about a news story.

How is it of use to journalists? Prismatic gives journalists a way of filtering and personalising news feeds on an iPhone. has highlighted several social newsreaders in ‘app of the week’ including Flipboard and Zite.

As with other social newsreader apps (there’s a list of 10 here), Prismatic asks users to connect one or more accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader. You can also set your location to gather news feeds from your area.

Prismatic then mashes the news sources, delivering a personalised news feed.


One feature that helps Prismatic stand out from the crowd of other social news reader apps is that you are able to see a few tweets at the bottom of a news story (see the picture above right). And in addition to reading the tweets, you can reply or retweet from within the app.

Once you have created an account you can also view your feeds on a desktop.

Hat tip: ReadWriteWeb, which has a feature on Prismatic, which explains ‘how to filter the social web on your mobile‘.

Have you got a favourite app that you use as a journalist? Fill in this form to nominate an app for’s app of the week for journalists.

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