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#Tip of the day for journalists: Set up a custom site search in Alfred

February 21st, 2013 | No Comments | Posted by in Search, Top tips for journalists


Mac users may be familiar with a free productivity tool that is available in the App Store called Alfred.

Alfred is a powerful tool that allows you to launch and search apps and web sites in a couple of clicks.

For example, you can open Alfred (by pressing ‘alt’ and ‘space’) and then carry out a calculation, search your contacts or start typing the the name of an application and launch it.

If you are a Mac user and journalist, you probably find yourself carrying out a number of site searches a day to find previously published content.

For example, I have carried out a number of site searches today to find previously published content on I could do this typing the Google advanced operator into my Google search box followed by the query (for example “tip of the day”). As I have Alfred set up to perform this site search I can run the search in 21 fewer clicks.

Here’s how:

  • Open Alfred and go to ‘preferences’ (the shortcut is ‘Apple’ and ‘,’)
  • Go to ‘features‘ then ‘custom searches


  • Type the following into the first box, replacing ‘’ with your site URL.{query}

  • Fill in the other fields, choosing a shortcut for your site. For example, I picked the letter J so when I open Alfred (‘alt’ and ‘space’) I can type ‘J’ and then my keyword search. Alfred launches Chrome and displays the search results.


That saves me typing every time I need to search.

There is more on Alfred’s custom search here.


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