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#Tip: How to cover a press conference

January 17th, 2014Posted by in Journalism, Top tips for journalists



Attending a press conference can be daunting even for an experienced journalist.

How do you ensure you’re picked to ask your killer question when you’re jostling for attention in a room full of other reporters? And if you do get picked, how do you make sure you don’t blow the opportunity with nerves?

The latest blog from the BBC College of Journalism includes advice for covering press conferences from seasoned journalists Mark Mardell, editor of BBC North America, and Lindsey Hilsum, international editor of Channel 4 News.

Some of their nuggets of advice include:

  • Wear red
  • Sit in the front row – or as near as you can get
  • Take note of body language
  • Make eye contact with “the person calling the shots”


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