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#Tip: See how news spread on social media in August

Newswhip, which offers tools for monitoring how news spreads on Twitter and Facebook, has carried out a study.

The research (carried out using pro tool Newswhip Spike) analysed how news spread on social media in August.

The study demonstrates the dominance of Facebook.

In the battle for social media footprint, Facebook is the clear winner. Counting for 89 per cent of total interactions, it eclipses Twitter for practically every share count.

The most-shared story of the month, a Huffington Post article on the characteristics of introverts, picked up 166,632 shares and over double that number in likes.

The study also looked at tweets:

The most-tweeted equivalent was the Guardian’s story on David Miranda’s detention at Heathrow Airport, with a final tally of 15,240.

There are many more fascinating facts in this blog post.

Newswhip has provided with the infographic.


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