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#Tip: 4 tools to ‘take back your time’

Image by Earls37A on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Image by Earls37A on Flickr. Some rights reserved

The Muck Rack blog has published a list of three tools to help you “take back your time“.

Are all the hours you’re spending on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Buzzfeed really just to do your job better?

In general, the internet takes more of your time than you care to admit. And, to make matters even more complicated, as writers and communicators, we tend to spend more time online than those in other professions.

The tools Muck Rack recommends are ManicTimeRescueTime and Tictrac. You can read more about them here.

We’re adding a fourth to the list of tools: Freedom, which turns off the internet.

Freedom enforces freedom; you’ll need to reboot if you want to get back online while Freedom’s running. The hassle of rebooting means you’re less likely to cheat, letting you focus on work.

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