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#Tip: Download Google maps for offline use

July 19th, 2013Posted by in Top tips for journalists

There are few better ways to have your over reliance on the internet rammed home than to be lost in a rural backwater with no 3G, no map and not a signpost or soul in sight.

With the new Google Maps update, however, you can download and cache areas of the map before setting off. Once you have found the relevant area on the app, type “ok maps” – without the punctuation – into the search bar, hit “search” and the app will download the visible area to be reviewed later.

It can’t download large areas in one go however, around 25 miles between opposite corners of an iPhone is the limit, but it will tell you to zoom in if necessary. Once that area has been stored you can zoom right down, even if you had not done so before, and, of course, you can store multiple areas to patch together for a larger route if you’re really going off the beaten track.

The download feature is part of Google Maps app version 2.0 and although it has been available on Android for a while this is new to iPhone. Just make sure you have enough battery to last you to a main road.

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