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#Tip: Learn to code with Codecademy

Image by espensorvik on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Image by espensorvik on Flickr. Some rights reserved

At the LA Times, code and algorithms are scraping stats from automated reports and writing updates for journalists to analyse. Learning to code is fast becoming a life skill so over at Codecademy they have created a free and open network for people to come online and learn from each other.

After a quick sign up, to keep track of your progress, there are simple step-by-step lessons in basic HTML and CSS all the way through to JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python and Ruby. Beyond the standard curriculum there are forums, groups and user submitted lessons on a wide range of topics. There are even guides on how to combine different languages to make large web-based projects.

Whether you are a complete beginner or are already making websites, Codecademy has lessons to teach you the ways of the web. Highly recommended.

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