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#Tip: Scrape web pages using this Chrome extension

Scrape is an screen scraper Chrome extension.

It is really easy to use. Simply install it and then right click on any web page that contains a table you want to scrape and there is an option to save the data to a Google spreadsheet.

Journalist Jens Finnäs has provided a tutorial on his Dataist blog. He explains how he used the extension to scrape the contact details of all Swedish MPs.

Another example


If I want to create a Google Doc spreadsheet of the list of people who signed up to the last Hacks/Hackers London event, I simply go to the Meetup group, click ‘print attendee list’, right click to ‘scrape similar’ and ‘export to Google Docs’.

Another way of doing this is to scrape the table directly, adding =ImportHtml (“url”,”table”,0), in the first cell (A1) of a Google Doc spreadsheet. (The URL is the page which contains the table.)

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