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#Tip: Save tweets with a particular hashtag to Tweet Binder

June 27th, 2013Posted by in Search, Top tips for journalists

Image by cogdogblog on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Tweet Binder allows you to search for a hashtag and add that collection of tweets to a ‘binder’. You can then search for keywords within that list of tweets.

This could be a useful tool if you are following a key story via a hashtag.

The free tool also offers analytics so you can see contributors (people who tweeted with that hashtag) and the potential reach of the tweets.

In the example below I searched for the #editors13 hashtag, searched for keywords and looked at the analytics of the tweets.


tweet binder2

Another search tip

Another way to search for keywords present in tweets mentioning a particular hashtag is to set up a column for that hashtag in TweetDeck and to use the filter option which you access by clicking on ‘edit’ at the top of the column.

If you do not see the filter option, you might need to update your version of TweetDeck.


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