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#Tip: Instagram for newsrooms


Image by philcampbell on Flickr. Some rights reserved

Instagram is more than just pretty pictures, says a post on Poynter, which outlines how news outlets can use the photo-sharing network for engagement and reporting.

In the post, which is at this link explains how various news outlets are using Instagram.


It is also worth adding that the Boston Globe has an Instagram wall, a screen which displays geolocated pictures as they are shared.

You might be interested to read this feature on how the wall gave an insight into how people were spending their time when off work in the days following Hurricane Sandy.

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  • sagar75

    instagram, the photo violation tool of facebook. should journas be trusting instagram (facebook) with there independent journalism?

    what abut journas entrusting there photos to an open source or creative commons license platform, where no one owns the data?

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