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#Tip: Timeless tips for video journalists

April 15th, 2013Posted by in Top tips for journalists

We might be hurtling ever forward into a future of digital possibilities but sometimes the old advice is still the best. It’s why print journalists are taught Orwell’s five rules for effective writing, published in 1946, and also why video journalist Cyndy Green chose to highlight the unearthed ‘hints to newsfilm cameramen’ by Paul Desdemaines Hugon, news editor at Pathé News, from 1916.

She offers some of the best snippets of advice, as well as linking to where the full transcript first appeared on the web, but you could probably skip the bit about sending a telegram to the editor once the negatives are shipped.

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  • Cyndy Green

    I’d like to credit Amanda Emily of for coming up with the original and transcript of the 1916 Hints for Film Cameramen. She is a newsreel historian and amazing resource.

  • Amanda Emily

    I dig up dirt on more than just newsreels, Cyndy….

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