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#Tip: Try storytelling tool Cowbird – which now has embed option

April 12th, 2013Posted by in Multimedia, Top tips for journalists

Image by miheco on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Cowbird has released a new feature that allows you to embed a single story into a blog post or news story.

Cowbird is a storytelling tool which allows users to create multimedia stories with audio, images, text and other features.

An email was sent to Cowbird users earlier this week making them aware of the “long-awaited and much-asked-for single story embed”.

You can now embed any Cowbird story anywhere on the web, using our handsome story player (complete with audio, connections, sharing, handwriting, and more).

Just click the ‘Retell’ button on any Cowbird story, select the ‘Embed’ tab, and grab the code.

Recent examples of Cowbird stories can be found here.

Cowbird first came to our attention at when the National Geographic used it to allow people living in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to tell their own stories, in their own words and pictures.

Mediashift wrote this article: How National Geographic used Cowbird storytelling tool to tell a reservation’s whole story.

Cowbird is also included in our list of 14 visual storytelling tools.

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